New and improved sunshine with Huper Optik window films... Questions and Answers.

Q: I have great windows. Why use Huper Optik?

A: Huper Optik window film improves the performance of any window. With Huper Optik film you can stop 99.9% of all ultraviolet rays and increase the energy efficiency of your existing windows. Huper Optik film is designed to increase window performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

Q: What causes fading?

A: Fading is result of ultraviolet radiation, heat, and visible light breaking down the dyes and pigments in your art and furnishings. The causes of fading are determined to be: 40% UV, 25% Heat, 25% Visible Light and 10% miscellaneous (humidity, dye anchorage, etc.) This is why it is important to do more than just stop UV rays. With Huper Optik window film, you can reduce 99.9% of the UV, up to 70% of the heat, and up to 65% of the visible light. You can maximize your fading protection with Huper Optik because it allows you to stop more heat without being dark and reflective.

Q: I enjoy sitting in front of my windows in the winter. What happens with Huper Optik window film?

A: You will still be able to enjoy the warm sunshine. Huper Optik window film will stop the extreme heat, but still allow warmth to pass through. You will have a more consistent temperature throughout your home with window film and have less hot spots and cold spots.

Q: I have a nice view. Will Huper Optik window film detract from my view?

A: Huper Optik window film is designed to enhance your view. It does this in three ways. The first is glare reduction. When you reduce glare you allow the pupil to open and colors are more intense. The second is lack of reflectivity. Huper Optik film is designed to match the natural reflectivity of glass which allows you to see out better in the evenings. The third is clarity. Huper Optik film is designed with extreme optical clarity to ensure the best view possible.

Q: I have a warranty on my windows. Won't I lose it if I use film?

A: Your window manufacturer shows its confidence in its windows by warrantying them against thermal breakage and seal failure for a period of time. Huper Optik has the same confidence in your window with the Huper Optik product on it. As a result, Huper Optik not only warranties your film for your lifetime, it also matches your window warranty to ensure that you don't lose any protection.

Q: Why Huper Optik?

A: In short: Quality, Technology, Performance, and Aesthetics. The technology incorporated in Huper Optik window film allows it to maximize performance with a beautiful, light, non-reflective film. A traditional window film with the same performance will be darker and have a shiny, reflective appearance.

Q: How is Huper Optik window film installed?

A: Huper Optik window film is installed by a trained technician. This technician first prepares the area by moving and/or covering anything in the immediate area. Next they will clean the inside of your window. Only water with a small drop of Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is used for the preparation and installation of the film. Then the film is installed and custom trimmed to fit precisely. The installation will be clean and bubble free when the installation is complete. The entire process is quiet and minimally disruptive.

Q: What do I need to do to care for my film?

A: After your film is installed, you need to refrain from cleaning it for one month while it cures. During this time, you can gently wipe off any fingerprints, etc. After the first month, you treat it completely normally. You do not need any special cleaners.

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