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Retail Stores

Our Huper Optik Ceramic and Select lines are excellent at maximizing heat rejection and UV rejection, without compromising your storefront merchandising.  Our films increase your customer’s and your staff’s comfort, decrease your utility costs and protect your signage and merchandise from harmful UV rays.  The low reflectivity and the high performance of our lighter products ensure that you maintain your visibility. 

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Commercial Window Film
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Office Buildings

Our Huper Optik Fusion and ThermX lines offer a great return on your investment.  With a 15 year warranty and a longer lifespan, our films will continue to generate savings season after season.  Our film technologies are designed with daylighting in mind, by balancing high heat rejection with lighter films.  Our films help you achieve more consistent temperatures throughout the building, reducing hot spots and cold spots.  By increasing comfort, we are able to increase office productivity as well.  

Decorative films

Decorative films such as frost, sandblast and thousands more; can be used to define spaces, create privacy and conceal workspaces.  Film is a great solution because it still lets in natural light.  We offer custom, computer cut installations as well.

Special Situations

We also provide films for safety and security as well as privacy.  We offer anchoring systems where needed.  Please contact us for details.  The following video demonstrates film’s ability to reduce shrapnel as a result of a bomb blast.

Construction Films

White out and black out window films can be used to turn existing windows into usable wall space.