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Solar Eclipse Window Tinting

Auto Tinting

A beautiful tint job has several characteristics.  The best installation looks like a natural extension of the car itself.  Cleanliness is an absolute necessity because a speck of dust becomes visible.  The patterns must be tight and follow the edge of the glass precisely.  Then it must stand the test of time.

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Solar Eclipse Window Films is located inside the Car Pool Carwash in Mechanicsville.  Our location allows us to offer each customer a complimentary exterior wash.  There are  comfortable waiting  accommodations and free WI-FI.  Most installations are about two hours.

Virginia’s tint law for passenger cars is illustrated here.  The front doors must let in greater than 50% of the light.  Any windows behind the front doors must let in greater than 35% of the light.  Even though the front doors are a little lighter than the back, your car will still have a uniform tinted appearance.  If you have a vehicle that is classified as a multi-purpose vehicle ( Truck, Van, SUV, etc.) then your front doors must let in greater than 50% of the light.  There is no limit on the darkness of any window behind the front doors on a multi-purpose vehicle. 

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Window Film Care

Caring for your tint is easy.  The most important thing to remember is to leave your windows up for 24 hours.  You may notice some haziness and/or moisture spots as your film is drying.  Most installations clear up within 1 to 3 days.  You may clean your film with normal window cleaners or soapy water.  Take care not to use abrasive cleaners.  Enjoy!

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Huper Optik Autobahn
Huper Optik Autobahn tint

At Solar Eclipse we use the best tools, techniques, technologies and products available to provide you the ultimate window tint experience.  We are Autobahn dealers, part of Huper Optik’s national program of automotive excellence.  Working together with Huper Optik’s manufacturers, distributors and other dealers, we are able to offer films that are truly unique in both performance and aesthetics.  We are armed with patented nano-ceramic heat rejecting technologies from Huper Optik, a No Hassle warranty program and the vision to elevate the window film experience. 

Huper Optik Ceramic

7123 Mechanicsville Tnpk

Mechanicsville, Va 23111

(804) 559-8998

Serving Richmond, Va

UV protection Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

One way that everyone benefits from window tinting is UV protection.  Window film stops up to 99.9% of the UVA and UVB rays.  This is like putting on sunscreen every time you drive.  Virginia allows anyone with a valid medical reason to have a 70% (almost clear)

film installed on their windshield and to have a 35% film installed on their two front doors.  First you must download or pickup the sun-shading waiver application from DMV.  You fill out the top two sections about yourself and your vehicle and your doctor fills out the third section on the bottom.  Then you turn your application into DMV for approval.  If it is approved, they will give you a new registration.  Your registration will now state that you have a sun shading exemption.  Click here for the Sun-shading waiver application.

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Our Autobahn Products.

Each of Huper Optik’s product lines represents the best of three different film technologies.  Each line has the same No Hassle Warranty and a beautiful combination of aesthetics and performance. 

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